Hi there i am looking to sell my fish tanks along with my fish i dont have as much time to tend to them as i use to and i am looking to sell it all as a package deal.I have a 60 gallon a 30 gallon, both tanks are full of hybrid guppies. I also have two 10 gallon tanks one glass one acrylic, a 2 gallon bubble gum tank a 3.5 gallon noahs ark themed tank a 1 gallon tank a 2 gallon tank a 1 single beta tank and a double beta tank. All tanks include lights and pumps. I also am throwing in the gravel and plants and ornaments. I also have a lot of different solutions for the water and care of fish. I also have a gravel vac,alga scrubber, and a floating breeding trap.There is also 5 air pumps and a 25 foot clear plastic tubing filling hose.Everything listed is in mint condition.Some pictures are here for anyone serious about this is more than welcome to message me and i have lots more pictures that can be sent.I am asking 750 obo but im not willing to part out all most go as one deal.Thank you for your time reading this and hope to hear from you